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Useful Links

Gloucestershire Computer Support - www.dsktopcomputers.co.uk

Orkney Defence Interest Network - www.odin.uk.com

Orkney Image Library - www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/imagelibrary

Electricians in Gloucestershire , we recommend - www.merlinindustries.co.uk

Ness Battery ( Orkney ) - www.nessbattery.co.uk

Telecommunications Contractors , we use www.merlinindustries.co.uk/html/telecomms.html


  Great source of information on Fuzes - http://www.passioncompassion1418.com


Inert Ordnance Collectors | BOCN logo

For a Great selection of Antiques in Tetbury , visit  - http://www.topbananaantiques.com

The "Love Bomb" that I sold to Wendy Meakin on Channel 4 TV in 2013 - https://twitter.com/wendyameakin/status/525340191587061761/photo/1

Rose Frain - This Time in History: What Escapes (2014- 1914) exhibiting at the V&A London. WW1 Artifacts supplied by us - http://rosefrain.com/vanda/atthevandaoverview1.jpg

Information on UK Deactivated Firearms - http://dwa977.wix.com/dwa1#!hog/cxc6

CFFE FAQ's - https://www.facebook.com/mitch.mitchell.96780/posts/1762372753990663






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